dürer's mother
  • How might it look if Albrecht Dürer had chosen different perspectives from which to sketch that famous portrait of his mother?
  • Exploring this question, I created a 3D digital sculpture and developed a rendering and compositing formula in order to reproduce the look of this famous sixteenth century charcoal portrait.
  • I modeled a base mesh in Maya, sculpted detail in ZBrush, and then composited renders in Photoshop trying to capture every nuance, like a meticulous forger. Notice the crease in the paper where it was folded in half.
  • I can rough out a decent likeness in ZBrush in a little more time than it might take to draw a good portrait in charcoal, so my 3D sculpting approach for this part of the project is admittedly a little slower than charcoal. However. . .
  • . . .Once I had the digital sculpture finished, reposing it and moving the camera around to render from different angles was a snap.
  • Now I can repose my 3D model of Dürer's mother and composit renders from virtually any angle much quicker than it would take to hammer out so many charcoal drawings. The image above shows the digital sculpture in a plain MatCap Gray material.
  • The image above and the following images show the ZBrush sculpt with polygroups turned on so the various subtools are displayed in different colors.
  • "geometry is the right foundation of all artwork" Albrecht Dürer (1471 – 1528)
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